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My training includes Western and Eastern healing modalities, with traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, education in the teachings of Virginia Satir as well as spiritual wisdom traditions. Most importantly, I meet you where you are to help you find what you need with clarity and we proceed from there.

I offer short and long-term therapy. Sessions are $135+ per hour. I will bill BCBS in NC and WV.


I have extensive experience in telehealth and remote sessions and can help you have a connected and positive therapy experience.

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What you get in a session:

* A safe non-judging space

* My 20 years experience as a licensed counselor

* A commitment to do my own personal work and stay current in my trainings and licensure to help you the most

* Focus based on your own desires to help you clarify your path

* Homework - each session you will receive follow up notes and/or homework

Pema - Therapy Support Staff

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I work with clients on:

* Creating safe space and being aware of what you feel and need

* Healing childhood wounds, large and small

* Overcoming codependency and learning healthy clarity and boundaries

* Finding the inner change you need to end relationships with narcissists and other abusive situations

* Addressing anxiety and depression and finding your unique path to improve these challenges

* Expressing your unique creative self and finding confidence in who you are and what you want to create and experience

* Learning how to communicate (and when not to) in your relationships

* Breaking and healing generational trauma and patterns that limit you

* Finding your own spiritual wisdom and path that is right for you

* Being aware of your sensitive and empathic nature and how to protect yourself from negative influences of the world and/or individual people

* Incorporating specific tools and practices to support your own self-care - this may include aromatherapy, emotional freedom technique, mindfulness, yoga, morning pages, creative artist’s dates with yourself, and more

* Setting attainable and meaningful homework between sessions for gentle structure and accountability